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Maction Consulting is a full service market and social research and management consulting firm headquartered in Ahmedabad.

We provide research services in marketing and social sectors for our domestic as well as international clients and management consulting to SMEs in India. We are a team of researchers, field managers, statisticians and data analysts who are committed to providing solutions for all your research needs.

We at Maction Consulting Private limited serve our clients with high end sophisticated solutions and services for research. Our clients have the freedom to leverage their Agendas effectively and proficiently with the help of our core competencies.

We have the ability to execute projects on multi-mode methodologies (CATI, CAPI, & Online) allowing our clients to select the most appropriate approach required for specific geographies and audiences which they intend to cover for their Research 

We have the expertise to handle Global Multilingual projects, where our clients have multiple dynamics of handling complex programming structures and global quotas; by centralizing data with the help of centralized programming and a single online project status report (Online customized dashboard) to monitor their project on real time basis

The company encompasses group of people with varied experiences and high intensity to demonstrate their skills in this space which allows us to research global markets which spans across several countries worldwide.

Our team of management consultants is engaged in supporting SMEs in their growth paths through transformational consulting.

Primary Research

We have Captive Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing (CATI) stations to conduct sophisticated, large-scale telephone surveys for our clients globally. We are known to provide data collection services that delivers actionable insights and industry perspectives on the critical decisions our clients are required to make. Our CATI system facilitates, timely completion of Research Agendas of our clients, making data available upon completion and allowing our highly qualified Quality Assurance team to audit and scrutinize these interviewers to remain at par with the expectations of our clients from the field. 

Secondary Research

Our Desk Research team is expertly skilled in finding the most relevant information from the infinite source of data available on public and private portals. They are proficient at gaining value from various sources of information and presenting it as per the client requirements.

Our team has hands on experience in preparing company profiles / company trees, constantly upgrading and updating contact list of English and non - English markets for in house team, enhancing the calling database to support our primary research team, this directly impacts the timelines and success rate of each research agenda that we execute.  

Online Research

We execute Online Research Agendas for our clients with the help of our experienced team of programmers in-house. The programmers working with us are well qualified using Java Script, ASP and have experience of programming online surveys on various other industry tools, they are well qualified at handling complex branching, piping, randomization etc. And have the ability to support audio/video and flash programming to ensure the respondent is affianced. 

Our Programming tool supports translation and programming of almost all possible languages globally and is able to manage quotas with any complexity. We work on a very secure and dynamic hosting infrastructure which has the ability to host several thousand surveys simultaneously and can share real time data access to clients

Our team works with Strong quality measures to ensure qualified respondents and quality data is recorded on every sample interviewed. 

Capabilities and Strengths


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